How to Style a Flexible Family Garden Room

Garden rooms are becoming more and more popular as people want to expand their homes on the cheap. Much like the man shed or the she shed, the garden room offers a space that can be used for all kinds of different things.

It can be an office or a playroom, a spare bedroom or the ideal space for a kid’s sleepover. With garden rooms now coming with lighting and heating as standard, you can do whatever you like!

To make the most of your garden room, you should ensure that your furniture is flexible and you can move it easily. For example, a sofa bed is perfect for going between extra bedroom to living room and back again. With this flexibility, you don’t need to decide what your garden room is for; instead, you can decide what the room is for right now.

Start with the Basics

A multifunctional room is best kept relatively neutral so that it can be transformed at a moment’s notice. Pale colours are a good idea as you can add in bright coloured details with soft furnishings and pictures. Plus, the room will feel bright and airy which is just what you want from an indoor/outdoor space.

However, neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. You could use wood-effect internal cladding to give the space a Scandi feel without intrusive colours. This is a nice idea for bringing a more natural touch to the space, linking it better to the outside.

A wooden or tiled floor is also a good idea as this room is likely to get muddy from time to time so easy cleaning will be essential! If you must have a carpet, going for a sturdy wool rug is probably your best bet.

Adding curtains and blinds is also a good idea, especially if you want to use this room as a spare. Curtains are a good way to keep heat in as well as add a bit of privacy.

Again, simple cream or white curtains are good for a neutral palette but you might also consider using a green tone as this will fit neatly with the view of the garden. Think about the view your curtains will be framing when you choose the colour.

Transforming Furniture

Before you do anything, it can be useful to draw a floor plan of your room to scale and think about how you want to use the space. Drawing out the components you want to include using the same scale and moving them around on paper is a lot easier than trial and error in real life!

Flexibility is a key component to interior design these days but finding the right stuff is crucial. A sofa bed or daybed is usually the best place to start when it comes to choosing furniture. As this piece is so large, it’s likely that you will have to design around it. If you are worried about taking up so much space in one area, you could go for chair beds as an alternative.

A drop leaf table is also a good addition to any room as it can be kept neatly tucked away when not in use but rolled out when you want to work. Some drop leaf designs also have small drawers in the central component which is ideal for tucking away your bits and bobs.

Add Character

Though this room can be transformed at any moment, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add your character to it using accessories and soft furnishings. In fact, you certainly should add your character!

Cushions and throws are ideal for introducing colour to your garden room and may be stored away quite easily. You can fold throws and stack them neatly with cushions on shelves or even tucked into the rungs of a decorative wooden ladder. Alternatively, a large wicker basket is ideal for extra blankets and even teddy bears for the kids.

Lighting is important in any room and it’s no different in your garden room. As well as work lighting, you should also look at soft lighting options.

Fairy lights are a cheap but gorgeous option and whether you string the lights from wall to wall or tuck them into a hurricane lantern, they add instant cosiness. Table lamps are also ideal for soft lighting but an arched floor lamp over a chair makes for the perfect reading nook.

When your garden room is flexible, the whole family can make full use of it throughout the year. And what a great opportunity that will be.

wooden panelled garden room with double bed

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