Why You Should Consider a Garden Room

Garden rooms/offices are a popular choice for many people that work from home. The Garden office provides a quieter environment separate from activities around the main house.

A garden room can also have many other useful purposes around the home as well. If looking for a way to extend the functionality of your living space, having a garden room can provide more than just an area to relax or spend your spare time in.

Garden rooms specialists, Quick Gardens Ltd describe garden rooms as being beneficial and they outline below are some of the benefits and advantages of having one.

  1. They provide additional space for the entire family.
  2. Unlike loft conversions and traditional extensions, no planning permission is required to create a garden room.
  3. Garden rooms are cheaper to create and can be of any size so they can fit in any garden.
  4. There is very little to no disruption to the main house when building the garden house. Unlike loft conversions that take weeks, a garden room will only take a few days to complete.
  5. The garden room can be used as a music studio, hobby room, home cinema, games room, and a work office as well. They can also be customized to suit various needs and specifications. See these ideas for inspiration
  6. Although lighting, electrical packages, and heating systems come standard, more options such as wet rooms, toilets, and soundproofing can be added as required. 
  7. With PVCu doors and windows as well as superior insulation, you should be able to use the garden room all year round.
  8. A garden room can be installed almost anywhere in the garden. Not much groundwork is needed to set the room up. The project only takes a few days to complete which not only save you on time but your pockets as well.
  9. With the building components small enough to fit through a standard door frame, a garden room can be built in hard to access areas as well. The modular nature of these rooms is what makes this possible. You, therefore, won’t have to tear down a part of the house to provide a way for these materials.

If looking for a clever way to add more space to your living space but aren’t ready for the lengthy loft conversions and lots of money to fund the same, then a garden building will come handy.

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