Finishing Touches for your Kitchen

There’s a lot of thought that goes into interior design, no matter what room you’re standing in. No one room in your house comes together all on its own – you need a good foundation, one you’re proud of then, and then plenty of finishing touches to add on top of that. And one room that needs these more than any other? The kitchen.

The kitchen can be quite cold and uninviting, when you have no creature comforts littering the walls and the surfaces, but why stop there? Why not take your interior design plans to the next level, to properly give the hearth of your house a personality that reflects yours? Here’s a couple of the best finishing touches to inspire you.

Sure, it’s a functional space, but do you want to spend time in it?

Add Some Fabrics

Fabrics are a wonderful addition to any room, especially if the aforementioned room is covered in tiles with a foundation of concrete and stone. Bathrooms and kitchens can be incredibly cold places without something fluffy to tuck your feet into, so you should be quite liberal with the fabric materials you decide to use here.

The kitchen benefits wonderfully from a good pair or curtains or blinds, as it makes the area a lot more cosy, and adds a good hint of colour to frame the light from the window. You can always add in quite a few tea towels, dotted around the room by hanging off of cupboard handles and in front of the oven – try to keep a good assortment near the sink as well. And if you can add a rug or a bit of carpeting into your kitchen as well, the more’s the better! A rug is always a lovely hint of warmth and comfort to any room, and it can encourage you to be a bit more careful with the food and drinks you’re preparing…

Focus on the Backsplash

The backsplash in your kitchen is a key element to the interior design, and you’re going to want to make sure it fits the theme you’re trying to create perfectly. For example, if you’ve got a modern, more contemporary kitchen, any tiles with images of rustic farms or chickens on them are going to look a little out of place.

A backsplash is a focal point, so you’re going to want to put your heart and soul into it, and flick carefully through the design magazines you pick up from the contractor. Thankfully, you can find all kinds of styles, designs, and colours for your backsplash in any home depot store, or online. There’s some real Wow-factor home decor from For the Floor and More, so be sure to give them a visit if your kitchen renovation needs a little more bounce for your taste.

There’s quite a few finishing touches to put on your kitchen, but some have more of an impact than others! Bring the room together a little more successfully with these ideas.

a finished modern kitchen


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