6 Reasons why you should Buy a Bigger Bed

For most of us, our life in beds progresses in a pretty standard way. We start out with a crib or Moses basket. We move up into a cot, then a single bed, and then eventually a double. Sometimes, there’s a toddler bed, or a cot bed thrown in.

But, they follow the standard pattern of getting bigger as we do. We tend to stop at the double, because we stop getting bigger (height wise, at least).

A double bed is big enough to sleep in as an adult but small enough that it leaves plenty of room in your bedroom for other furniture and accessories. A double is all that most adults need.

But, life isn’t all about what you need. A bigger bed has many advantages and benefits. So, let’s take a look at just some of the reasons to consider a Super King Wrought Iron Bed for your bedroom.

Better for Two

Most adults have a double bed whether they sleep alone, or as part of a couple. If a double is the right size for one adult, surely two need more space?

A Bigger bed gives you both room to spread out and take some space for yourself. It means that you can roll away from each other if there is a snorer, and if one of you is a duvet hog, it means that there is enough room on the bed to have a blanket each.

Just think, a standard UK double bed size is 4 feet 6 inches wide. That gives each person 2 feet and 3 inches of space. That’s less than a baby in a cot gets. That doesn’t sound too comfortable, does it?

Or Three or Four

If you’ve got kids, you are probably familiar with them jumping in your bed first thing on a weekend morning, demanding attention and spoiling your much-needed lie in.

A bigger bed means more room for everyone to relax. You could have a family movie night in your big bed. You could all doze off together again after an early morning wake-up. It even gives you more options if ever you decide to co-sleep in the future.

Even if you don’t have kids now, a lasting bed might still be around when you do, and if you never do, there’s room for the dog/cat/sisters kids and anything else that wants to leap on.

Space to Stretch

In a double bed, it’s hard to stretch out completely even if you are on your own. You couldn’t lie starfished out on the bed, stretching all of your limbs and back out.

You might even find that if you lie straight on your back with your head on the pillow, your feet stick off the bottom and your arms can easily touch both sides.

A bigger bed means that you can stretch out as much as you want to. You can’t touch the sides, you can sleep diagonally if you want to, and you’ll still be comfortable.

A Comfy Night

When we buy a new mattress, one of the things that we often think about is if we’d be able to feel our partner move. More so if they are a fidgety sleeper, or they get up a lot in the night. You don’t want their movements affecting your sleep cycle after all.

But, the truth is, in a regular double bed, even on the best mattress, you’d struggle not to feel them. Chances are, you’d get an elbow or a knee to the torso as they roll or get in and out. You’ll also feel them pulling on the duvet.

In a bigger bed, if you are sleeping with a fidget, you can move right over to the other side. On a good mattress, you won’t feel a thing unless you are a very light sleeper, even if they are up and down all night long.

To Give Your Bedroom Decor Focus

Your bedroom is one of the most essential rooms in your house. But, it’s often the one that gets the least attention. Because it’s our private space, where guests rarely go, we instead chose to spend money redecorating and improving other areas of our home — the places that other people see and where we spend most of our waking hours. Your bedroom is pretty much just for sleep after all.

But, the fact that it is the only area of your home that is your own private space makes it more important. It’s where you are at your most relaxed and intermit. It’s the room in the house where you are really free to show your personality and style. It needs a focus.

A big bed can be this focus. Your bed should be the first thing that you see when you walk into the room. It should catch your eye and welcome you in. A big bed can automatically make the room more relaxing and peaceful.

It can help you to get in the mood to relax and to switch off after a busy day. A big bed, with fabulous bedding, gives you something to build your room around. It’s the most important part of the room, so it’s only right that it should be the focus.

You’d struggle to create the same effect with a smaller bed. If other pieces of furniture overpower it, it’s hard to create the relaxing and luxurious tone that you really want.

It’s Luxurious

When you think of large comfortable beds, filled with soft bedding and cushions, you might think of luxury hotels and special places away from home. Recreating this in your own bedroom makes life seem more luxurious.

Waking up and going to sleep in luxury can give your day brilliant bookends. Ensuring you start and end it in a great mood, relaxed, peaceful and happy.


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