5 ways to prepare your garden for Spring

As the weather starts looking a little warmer and we start spending a little more time outside, it’s natural we’d start thinking about making our outside spaces fit and ready for a summer of entertaining, barbecues and long, warm evenings.

Then, of course, we’re faced with the reality of what the weather’s done to our gardens and we realise there’s a fair amount of work ahead of us to shape up in time for summer. We’ve put together this guide to five things you can do to get your garden in top form for the best summer yet.

Flower beds

Whether you’re a regular green fingered gardening expert, an enthusiastic beginner or have zero interest in your shrubs, plants and borders, it’s time to get stuck in to getting your soil prepped and ready for another year of planting.

Whether it’s down to you or the gardener, start by clearing away any dead plants and weeds and dig up any old shrubs you no longer want, while they’re still dormant.

Then it’s time to get that compost dug in and let that organic matter sink down to enrich your soil, ready for the flowers, plants and shrubs you’re about to let loose over spring. In fact, you can even start planting slow growers now to give them time to get established.

Lawn maintenance

It’s time to reclaim your green area and get your English garden just as it should be, green, mowed and in fabulous condition. It’s highly likely that one of the very first things you’ll have to do is to do away with the great piles of leaves that find themselves everywhere during the winter months. Invest in a leaf blower to help this otherwise boring chore and begin to uncover what’s been hiding.

If you haven’t done already start re-sowing any patches that have gone thin. Take your time to weed by hand and pull out anything that threatens to take over your green space. Make sure you remove any weeds by the root to make sure they can’t grow back.

When your lawn is on point and your garden’s looking clean and tidy, it’s time to look at the fun stuff.

Garden furniture

Why not sling out those old metal chairs you’ve had for years, they’re not comfortable and could do with a style makeover.

Instead consider investing in these amazing loungers and tables that will set your garden off in style and are so comfortable you’ll be happy to spend some quality time on them. Make sure to upgrade the whole look and bring in a new BBQ and even a bar area for extra value.


As well as providing extra security, garden lighting has a variety of other uses too. Use carefully placed lights to guide the eye around the more decorative areas of your outside space, light up paths and of course ward off burglars.

You might consider combining both light and warmth with an outside heater that doubles as a light, a stylish and practical way of beating off those spring chills during the evenings.

Building maintenance

Take a step back and look at your home with a fresh pair of eyes. How’s that pointing looking, those window sills and of course that driveway or patio?  Is it time to get those slabs up and out and consider bringing in a block paving company for a refresh?

Keeping your building in good order is not only great visually but can help ward off issues such as damp which can easily creep in to walls and windows that aren’t maintained properly, costing you more money later down the line.

You’re ready for the warmer weather and more than ready to make the most of your garden in all its summer glory. As with everything in life, the hard part always comes first so get out your oldest, warmest clothes and head outside to get your hands dirty with some tidying up and packing away. While you’re there, you might even consider giving those tools a clean up so you’re in top shape for the many garden jobs ahead of you.

Once you’re all tidied up think about the overall design of your garden, what you want to keep and what you want to change. This is an ideal time to make any architectural changes or changes to your bedding plants.

You might not consider yourself to be particularly green fingered but working outside has some amazing knock on effects for your mental and physical health, so pick up a spade and let your imagination soar.

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